What we do


We hold morning and evening services. A service includes reading from the bible, singing and a sermon. We hold are services at 10am and 6pm. Creche facilities are available during the services.

Cadets and Gems

This is for children 8-15. It runs like scouts by teaching good life skills while teaching them how to live their life to the glory of God.

Midweek Bible study 

An Adult bible study that is held every second Wednesday (usually at the house of one of the congregation). We hold four bible studies two in the Masterton area, one in Carterton and one in South Wairarapa. It’s a great way to fellowship while studying Gods word.

Youth Club

A group of young adults (15 years and older) come togther for fellwoship and fun through socials and Bible Studies. 

Ladies Morning Bible study

Held every Wednesday morning at the church. Creche services available. 


We also support parenting, marriage and other aspects of life with seminars, biblical resources and counselling.